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 Sonic The Hedgehog 4, a quick preview of two years.

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sir sonic

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PostSonic The Hedgehog 4, a quick preview of two years.

well, guys, i post this topic here cause here i'll talk of several Sonic games of this year, is not only of one game:

NOTE: i'm only making one review of the all Sonic And Sega history in the ends of the 2009 and the all 2010!

how we know, the game of Sonic The Hedgehog 4, the first trailer was relase in the 2009' year, in the first moths of the 2010, we saw the second trailer, new screnshots, conceptual arts and the official web site with the weekly updates.

too the realase of the games of Sonic And All Star Racing And Sonic Classic Collections for the nintendo ds, all reviews very good, but ever i'll said thats game havent fame how Sonic The Hedgehog 4.

all saw good, only the factor ''impatience'' of some fans,
when the Sonic Retro's user ''endri'' make his review of Sonic The Hedgehog 4, some fans was unhappy, cause endri make bad reviews of one game the fans wanna much, cause too, the fans, wana one return to the past, one remeber of the old school, and gone this endri saying thats things of the more hope game for the all Sonic's Fans!

yeah, sounds hard and bad, for one time, this endri, continue making thats reviews, how some dont belive, he was post one unffocial gameplay, when the Sonic's Fans saw thats, they know the endri's reviews are true,
of course, thats was only a demo in alpha project.

but endri cant understood thats, in one final action, RubyEclipse said to endri, in one private menssage, some things for his stop, cause Sega cant work in one hope game, with one bad reviewer in action, with thats menssage (endri was post in one topic in Sonic Retro how quote) the filtrations and bad reviewd, stop.

with RubyEclipse, this stop for some time, but now, one member called ''infinity'' filtred the others videos and gameplay (unofficial of course)
of the game, the all levels, the all boss, the awards, the soundtrack and too Super Sonic!!!

he was filtred!

of couse, when he hadent what filtred, he stop, of couse too, some fans have rage with Sonic Retro, but one member, said in one post ''we made for what we made''

saying the others Sonic Retro's member havent the blames of the endri and infinity's actions, their had one demo of the game, they promis never show to the others fans, they can show only when the game its relase, but no!
endri and infinity dont care thats!

thats stop hooray!

the more importants events after of thats, its the aaron webber(RubyEclipse) and ken balought interview, where he talk more about of the game in the on the spot's show.

after, how one surprise, Sonic Colors And Sonic The Free Riders!

we saw too, one game of very interest now, this two game,
we saw the awesome trailer, the gameplay and the all videos game's web site with the best reviews and previews, too Sonic The Hedgehog 4,
if some want my opinion, this year looks pretty good for Sega,
the troubles is not problem for Sega, with saw Sega can do anything, is not problem thats filtrations, thats its past, really i wanna see the all surprise Sega have for we, in this year, and in the next years!

maybe the Sega's fame will up with the realed of thats games, with the Summer of Sonic, and the the all others Sega games and chances for the future, i can up my thumps and say: Good Work, really thanks!
i hope they can continue thats excellent work!

my last point, its the Sega in the E3, where they win 2 guiness records and
awards for the best game, its other thing for said Sega is uping, more and more.
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Sonic The Hedgehog 4, a quick preview of two years. :: Comments

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Sonic The Hedgehog 4, a quick preview of two years.

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