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 Sonic 4: New Info!

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sir sonic
sir sonic

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PostSonic 4: New Info!

yeah guys, yesterday the in the Blog

when Aaron Webber (RubyEclipse)

post some updates of the game, like one new graphic map in it!
yes, here the all story:

Quote :
Hey there Sonic fans, and welcome to our next entry in the series of Sonic 4 Update Blogs! There was a big level redesign that we wanted to show off in Update Part 2, so we’re holding off on the official Part 2 for the moment, until that’s ready. In the meantime, we’re going to go ahead and give you guys info on some other improvements to the game in today’s blog: Update 1.5!

New Update #1: Advance to the next Act / Zone like the Genesis games
Originally, after you completed each Act in the game you’d return to a level select screen where you could pick which act to play next. This was a neat feature in that you could choose to play zones in whichever order you wanted to (save for bosses), but at the same time we wanted to throw in a little something for our more hardcore fans who wanted to see the game progress just like the originals. (Act I, Act II, Act III/boss – then next Zone.)

Among the changes, we’re very happy to reveal the new Genesis-style advancement, which will let you play the game progressively and without ever having to go to a level select screen. By simply pushing a button at the end of each stage, you’ll now be able to automatically start the next Act or Zone. A little change in gameplay overall, but perhaps a big one in the minds of those who are really passionate about it.

For a challenge: see if you can get all seven emeralds while playing through a new game in this mode, without returning to level select!

New Update #2: New World Map
For those of you that do like the freedom to pick the stages you play and when, we’ve taken things a step further here. There’s a brand new World Map that includes all of the Zones present within the game, and you can choose any zone or act here to play or replay whenever you want.

Beyond that, were World Maps really present at all in the original games? Actually, they were – check out the image and the links below for a couple flashbacks!

Whether you’re advancing through the game for the first time or simply returning to go for that fabled first place on the Time Attack leaderboards, the new World Map adds an extra sense of depth an environment to the game, while also making the previous level select screen about 100x cooler. We’ll be showing off pictures of the World Map in all its glory soon.

New Update #3: Classic-style ending to Acts
This is a little change that we fought for really hard here in the west – and though it’s relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, we hope that little extra bit of nostalgia it adds will be worth it.

In the E3 build of the game, you may have noticed that when you completed a stage, you could run towards the side, but you’d actually hit an invisible wall halfway past, and Sonic would come to a complete halt with his quills still onscreen. In the Genesis games, we felt that part of the great feeling of speed was getting to whooosh past that sign post and into whatever was beyond – so we asked the team if they could remove the wall and implement that same style of ending to all of the acts in Sonic 4.

And so they did. Now, when you complete that final part of an act or come up on the perfect end of a speed run, you can add a little bit of extra awesome to it as you zoom past the sign and off the screen, leaving everything else behind you.

That’s all for today’s mini-update, though we’ll be announcing Sonic 4’s release date, the pricing, and revealing another zone on the website soon. Update Blog Part 2.0 will also be arriving within the next few weeks, and with it, word on the second big level redesign within the final version.

too Aaron post that the price, relase date and new info will be annouce soon!

more info of this amazing game, in soon too Wink

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Sonic 4: New Info!

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